Cancer's Natural Enemy


An important new book tells about an extremely effective remedy that dates back over 2000 years and has proven to be effective for Cancer, HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis-C and other disorders. A commercial version has been tested in clinical trials and used in clinics outside the US for over 40 years.

However, a home version has proven just as effective, costs pennies to make, and is as easy to make as pot of beans - the plant you need may be in your own backyard. If you prefer, there are now also commercial versions available.

Besides the miraculous remedy, the book also contains a wealth of information about the very best immune-building and disease-fighting foods and supplements and much, much more. Already, several top health websites have praised this valuable, yet inexpensive book, and you will too!

Completed in 2005,  and constantly updated, the book has been featured on some of the best know alternate health remedy and health websites. Here’s what others have said about this truly valuable, yet inexpensive, book:

“I have personally recommended (oleander extract) to over two dozen people whose doctors had given up on them – and they are alive and well today. If I had a loved one, family member or anyone else I cared for who had cancer, AIDS, hepatitis-c or some other degenerative disease, I would tell them about this book or buy it for them.”

- A. L. - Former AMA employee.

"After only a few months, we are witnessing reversal of HIV-AIDS symptoms and every single patient is doing well. So are all the cancer patients. And not one single serious side effect."

- M. S. - Noted AIDS researcher in South Africa

"I made this own supplement, and used it to rid this 84 year old mother of lung and liver cancer. This sister had Hepatitis-C and used it and now all of her readings are normal."

- E. H. - Prominent Trial Attorney & Natural Health Crusader in Texas

"I’ve read it and I really like it. Tony is a very good writer. He is clear, concise, and thorough. He chose the subject of one of the best cancer killers on our web site: Oleander. It’s cheap, powerful, works well with other immune system supporters, and has had a long (as he points out) history of healing cancers.

"He doesn’t stop there. He’s researched nutrition and cancer and has a lot to say on that. It is well worth the money, and unlike a web site, you can print it out and carry it with you everywhere you go."


"I really have been captivated! You have done an amazing job of pulling this all together .... I WILL spread the word !."

- Leslie S, RN

"The best source of information about actually making the oleander soup is a very inexpensive eBook ("Cancer's Natural Enemy") . . . a very strong stage III treatment"


"I bought the book over a year ago as I have been teaching wellness now for 12 years after being in the medical world for 28. I (prepared the oleander soup remedy) and took (a small dose)--I felt better the next morning, but thought it was just psychological. I took (an increased dose) again that morning and while I was sitting reading one hour later, I KNEW I felt better. Great Soup!"

- Dr. S. D.

"Congrats for the good and so useful work on the subject. The knowledge will benefit many, I am sure.

"Thank you."

-Rekha Y, India

"Lots of very good information that I need to go through several times."

- Tom V

"The humble little book is in my view the poor man's answer to aid's, cancer, and hep-c . . . the skin cream (version of the "oleander soup" remedy) seems to work on warts, lesions, age spots, etc.

"So far, after two years, three friends are doing well. Two with hep-c, and one with liver and lung cancer."

- Ed H.

"Your book seems excellent. I will certainly recommend it to others. I learned of it from the Cancer Tutor website."

- Nancy

"Tony, thank you so much for your reply and your book which I have printed out for myself from my computer. I find your information really helpful. I made up the Oleander skin creme using just a cheap supermarket base creme. Ive been using it on arms and legs after showers for about 2 months.All my troubling warty moley things are drying up and dropping off.I have 3 that were worrying. The main one has gone,and the other 2 have mostly gone."

- Pam G (New Zealand)

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